This workshop will take place IN PERSON at the Other Nature shop in Berlin.

This workshop is designed for folks looking to smutify their sex talk, whether you just need some ideas to get you going or you want to get past emotional blocks such as shyness or discomfort.

With a focus on effectively communicating your desires, we’ll discuss what you might actually say when you’re talking dirty, as well as how to set the scene and deliver your sexy new language skills confidently.

Plenty of examples and guidance will be given, making this a good foundational workshop for beginner dirty talkers. Please note that the workshop includes a series of partner activities, so you might want to consider attending with a person whom you feel comfortable speaking with about your desires. No previous dirty talking experience is required for this workshop, and all types of personalities – introverted or extroverted, shy or outgoing, quiet or talkative – are very welcome!

Olivia Khan-Do has discovered the magic in dirty talk and has designed this workshop to make it easy for anyone to do the same. Dirty talk isn’t just a tool to enhance kinkiness in the bedroom but can be a life changing tool to help communication in intimate situations.

Please note that workshop booking takes place on an external booking platform (Eventbrite).

Januar 16, 2023 — Other Nature