This Arab is Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers


This Arab is queer, proud, profound, curious, content, angry - a force for change. This Arab cannot be put in a box, closet or kept out by damaging stereotypes, regimes or orthodoxy. Elevating 18 writers from around the world, this ground-breaking anthology of short memoirs and essays is for anyone who finds reductionist identity politics a Drag. Creating much needed, nuanced dialogue, here you will find stories of success and celebration, alongside others exploring the challenges of being LGBTQ+ and Arab. For the first time, LGBTQ+ Arabs have come together to tell their truths with integrity, wisdom and wit, sharing stories of hope, love and companionship in the loneliest places, from living incognito in Saudi Arabia to making it happen as an exile in Manhattan. Contributors include Mona Eltahawy, Saleem Haddad, Massoud Hayoun, Zeyn Joukhadar, Amrou Al-Kadhi, ballroom sensation Habibitch, and lead singer of Mashrou Leila, Hamed Sino.