Constellations of Care: Anarcha-Feminism in Practice

Verkäufer Other Nature GmbH

“Offers the conversations we need to sustain the possibility of anarchist, feminist, and queer world-making in the ruins of everyday brutality”—Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, author of Touching the Art

“An antidote to the commodification of care”—Sundus Abdul Hadi, author of Take Care of Your Self

“Brings together all kinds of veterans of liberatory experiments in comradeship and kin-making, providing valuable insight”—Sophie Lewis, author of Abolish the Family

What do we do when the state has abandoned us? From failing health systems to housing crises to cascading ecological collapse, it’s increasingly evident that state-centered politics do not protect us from the violence of colonialism and capitalism, fascism and patriarchy. In fact, they actively work to harm us.

Anarchist feminism—or anarcha-feminism—shows us that the ways we tend to our social relations can build a new world inside the old one. We can take care of each other when nothing else will, supplying communal well-being and liberatory horizons.

From communitarian kitchens to medic collectives, squatted social centers to queer theater troupes, Ljubljana to Mexico City, Constellations of Care powerfully underscores that we already have everything we need and desire in one another to carve out lives worth living.

CINDY BARUKH MILSTEIN is a diasporic queer Jewish anarchist and longtime organizer. They’ve been writing on anarchism for over two decades, and are the author of Anarchism and Its Aspirations and Try Anarchism for Life. They edited the anthologies Rebellious Mourning and Deciding for Ourselves, among others.