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STIs: Busting Myths and Shaking Off Stigma

Facilitator: Jennifer Neal

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STIs are an unfortunate reality of being sexually active. But the conversation about people who are infected by and/or live with sexually transmitted infections has largely centered on stigma, rather than on education, understanding, and compassion. Stigma breeds shame, and shame prevents people from seeking out the resources that allow all consenting adults to enjoy safer sex.

In the first part of this workshop, we’ll identify some of the common misconceptions about STIs, and bust the myths that can hinder our ability to take care of our - and one another’s - sexual wellbeing. In the second part of this workshop, we’ll explore the verbal tools that can be used to break down stigma in our everyday conversations with friends and loved ones, by having honest and informed dialogues.

Jennifer Neal is the content and social media manager at Clue, a Berlin-based period tracking app and reproductive health content creator that is dedicated to empowering women and people with menstrual cycles to better understand their bodies. Jennifer’s interests are in intersectional sex education, feminism, and cross-cultural education.

If you cannot afford the regular workshop fee, you can use the voucher code T2BWSW2L at checkout for a 2€ reduction.

Facilitator:Jennifer Neal
Where:Other Nature
When:Tuesday October 15th, 6:30 - 8:30pm
Cost:15€ (13€ limited income)
Registration:To reserve a place in advance, you can either register online here or pay the workshop fee in-person at Other Nature.

€ 15.00