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BPOC Rope Introduction

Facilitator: Kaleb Coiulibaly

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Berlin has a huge rope and kink/BDSM-scene. However, it’s dominated by white bodies and can often be very cis-normative. With this workshop we want to provide a safer space for racialized bodies to explore the world of rope.

We will explore the way rope can interact with our bodies, starting from the basics centering safety and consent. There will be a technical section of the workshop, where we’ll focus on learning a couple of traditional patterns. After that there will be a more playful part, during which we’ll explore the physical, as well as mental or spiritual, impact of rope practice.

Please bring a blanket or yoga mat if you would prefer this to working on the floor. Rope will be provided.

This workshop is only for black folks and people of color, and will center queerness/decolonializing gender and sexuality. This is an introduction to rope practice and therefore not recommended for those already experienced.

Kaleb is a rope switch who started off as a model before transitioning into self-tying and eventually tying others. In their rope practice they explore the impact of rope on the mind and body from a sexual as well as spiritual perspective.

If you cannot afford the regular workshop fee, you can use the voucher code 57KPQ5BB at checkout for a 5€ reduction.

Facilitator:Kaleb Coiulibaly
Where:Other Nature
When:Tuesday, October 8th, 6:30 – 9:30pm
Cost:25€ (20€ limited income)
Registration:To reserve a place in advance, you can either register online here or pay the workshop fee in-person at Other Nature.

€ 25.00