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Let's Talk: Building Confident Communication 03.11

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This workshop will take place online.

Talking about sex with your lovers: super hot, sometimes awkward, – or completely unknown territory?!

In this workshop, we’ll break the silence that so often surrounds sex. You’ll explore different strategies for effective, enjoyable communication with the people you get down with – and the ones you’d like to. Identify your own strengths and learn some tools that can help when you’re feeling tongue-tied.

Through practical exercises, group discussion and space for private reflection, we’ll touch on topics including naming our desires, expressing our boundaries, the role of listening, and how to practice deliciously enthusiastic consent.

Sign up, speak up, and gain confidence that you, too, can talk the talk!

Geza works as a Sex Educator / Shop Assistant at Other Nature. She is a neurodiverse PoC working-class queerfeminist with a backround in education and has experience with trauma-work. Geza has facilitated workshops on art, sexuality and trauma self-care in different contexts such as community centers, refugee support groups and queer spaces. 

Zee is a Sex Educator / Shop Assistant at Other Nature who recognizes the radicality of accessing and expressing our desires, and learning what it can mean to develop mutual, intentional, caring intimacies. They approach the world with a critical, curious, anti-oppressive lens, and believe this to be an important foundation for opening up spaces and conversations around pleasure and sex education.

20 Euro - Supporter Ticket
15 Euro - Regular Ticket
10 Euro - Soli-Ticket

20€ is a Supporter price for those of you who can afford to provide us with a bit of extra support.

However, if you’re also struggling to make ends meet, please feel free to use a voucher code at checkout:  VWKZGLH4 for a 5€ reduction or 1IAA6HFI for a 10€ reduction.

Facilitator:Geza & Zee
Where:Online Workshop
When:Tueday, 3rd of November, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Cost:20 € (15€/10€ limited income)

€ 20.00