Kink Basics 25.05

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This workshop will take place online.

Curious about opening up possibilities within your sex life but unsure if kink is for you? Or maybe you’ve already dabbled in some BDSM and want to dive deeper, or figure out how to explore certain terrains with a partner?

In this workshop, we’ll demystify kink and BDSM, lay out the keys for open and effective negotiation, and share practical safety tips and techniques to get you well on your way to exploring an endless array of desires and pleasures!

Join us for conversations, exercises and tips for moving beyond scripted narratives of what sex and intimacy are "supposed to" look or feel like, exploring power dynamics and role play, and experiencing intense stimulation in consensual, risk-aware, intentional ways. Learn more about the healing and liberating potentials of kink, and even take away some ideas on how to play online while distancing!

Zee is a Sex Educator / Shop Assistant at Other Nature who recognizes the radicality of accessing and expressing our desires, and learning what it can mean to develop mutual, intentional, caring intimacies. They approach the world with a critical, curious, anti-oppressive lens, and believe this to be an important foundation for opening up spaces and conversations around pleasure and sex education.

20 Euro - Supporter Ticket
15 Euro - Regular Ticket
10 Euro - Soli-Ticket

20€ is a Supporter price for those of you who can afford to provide us with a bit of extra support.

However, if you’re also struggling to make ends meet, please feel free to use a voucher code at checkout:  949UNNSB for a 5€ reduction or N8AULK1G for a 10€ reduction.

Where:Online Workshop
When:Tuesday, 25th of May, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Cost:20 € (15€/10€ limited income)

€ 20.00