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For Me, For You, For Both of Us: Pleasure and consent 27.05

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Consent can sound simple: yes means yes, and no means no, and that´s it!
But many of us struggle to express our desires, set our boundaries clearly, or find the language to create longed-for experiences and connections.
If the touch you give was just for you, how would your touch look like? If your desire/pleasure was just for you? How would it look like? Take some time to digest those questions.

We are so much focused to please others that we hardly think of ourselves and what we want in every moment.

In this workshop we’ll explore ways to bring choice and clarity to your interactions. You’ll learn a simple but powerful tool that can help you navigate questions such as: “May ?- Would you?”

We’ll use some tools from Betty Martin’s 'Wheel of Consent', including learning through touch-based exercises. In these activities we will just touch each other’s hands and lower arms, but you won’t be asked to to do anything you don´t want to. Participants are welcome to watch the entire time, and this experience can be just as valuable: the choice is yours!

Puma has developed (Neo-) Tantra workshops that go beyond gender, mostly for German-speakers. They work with groups, individuals and queer couples, focussing mainly on consent, conscious kink, sexmagic and intimate touch. See more about Puma at

If you cannot afford the regular workshop fee, you can use the voucher code RSN2RR23 at checkout for a 5€ reduction.

Where:Other Nature
When:Wednesday, May 27th, 7:30 – 10:30pm
Cost:25€ (20€ limited income)
Registration:To reserve a place in advance, you can either register online here or pay the workshop fee in-person at Other Nature.

€ 25.00