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Consent & Boundaries:  A playshop for queer hearts 18.03

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This Workshop will take place online.

Consent can sound simple: yes means yes, and no means no!

But many of us struggle to express our desires, set our boundaries clearly, or find the language to create the experiences and connections we long for. We might have a difficult time answering specific questions, like, "what do I want, RIGHT NOW?," "how do I want to BE with another person?" or "how do I want to be touched?"
We might often give people an automatic go-ahead to do what THEY want, which may lead to an experience for all parties that is only kind of okay-- at best. And we might normalize that these are the qualities of experiences and sensations that we can expect in our intimate lives.

Consent is not only an agreement, but an awareness of who is acting and whom is it for.
It is not so easy for all of us to express our wishes, our boundaries. Often, we can feel bad when we express a boundary or a wish at all.
During this playshop, we will somatically explore where we feel a Yes and/or a No in our bodies. The response and wisdom of our body might be surprising!

You will be invited to play with and to express your desires and boundaries, with a strong focus on the choosing rather than the doing, and staying tuned into yourself the entire way.Throughout this whole playshop, you will never have to do anything you do not want to do. The choice is yours!

Please note that this playshop is for queer hearts. You decide about your own queerness.

25 Euro - Supporter Ticket
20 Euro - Regular Ticket

25€ is a Supporter price for those of you who can afford to provide us with a bit of extra support.

However, if you’re also struggling to make ends meet, please feel free to use a voucher code at checkout: H6IX3WN2 for a 5€ reduction 

Where:Online on Zoom
When:Thursday, March 18th, 6:30 – 9:00pm
Cost:25€ (20€ limited income)
Registration:To reserve a place in advance, you can either register online here or pay the workshop fee in-person at Other Nature.

€ 25.00