Ready to feel those good vibrations? We’ve got you covered, with affordable vibrators for beginners and luxury sex toys with the latest technology, all in high-quality, body-safe materials.


  • A brand new take on an old classic! This silky soft classic bullet has a smooth silicone surface that feels warm and comfortable against the body, and narrows to the tip for effective pin point stimulation. Plus it comes with a free removable finger sleeve attachment for those who want a hands-free experience. Waterproof and rechargeable.

    € 59.90
  • Small in size. Big on vibes. This lightweight, slimline wand sacrifices none of the Doxy’s legendary power. Mighty, intense vibrations from something so small and sleek… now that’s magic!

    € 169.90
  • The Volta’s soft, flexible tips are the ultimate power couple, offering amazing versatility in addition to deep rumbling vibration. The fluttering motion of the tips, combined with its 6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms, provide a greater range of sensations than most external vibrators.

    € 99.90
  • Classy takes a classic design to the next level, with its sleek look and fantastic feel. Get ready to have some fun, because Classy’s super-smooth and seamless silicone is so silky to the touch, you won’t want to put it down! Classy has two powerful yet quiet motors with deep and strong vibrations, variable speeds, and 6 vibration patterns. Waterproof and...

    € 119.90
  • Snazzy offers intense pleasure in the palm of your hand. Made of Tickler's signature super-smooth silicone, Snazzy is a "lay-on"-style vibrator with variable speeds and 4 vibration patterns. Waterproof and USB rechargeable.

    € 99.00
  • The Iroha Zen uses Iroha's unique and oh-so-squishable Soft-Touch silicone. Use the Zen as an external vibe, experimenting with the pleated outer texture on all your hotspots. Or insert it vaginally, twisting it around, letting the light ripples deliver waves of sensations. Waterproof.

    € 39.90
  • The Le Wand Curve Attachment is perfectly designed to target pleasure centers like the prostate and G-spot. This attachment is strategically weighted in 3 different places so as to provide pressure, precision, and an amazing sense of fullness when inserted. Fits the original Le Wand Rechargeable Massager, the Doxy Die Cast and other wands with the same...

    € 39.90
  • Le Wand Petite is the smaller version of Le Wand’s original rechargeable massager. Although Le Wand Petite is smaller on size, it’s still BIG ON POWER. Le Wand Petite has 10 rumbly vibration speeds and 6 vibration patterns. Its lightweight design and user-friendly size make this toy great for anyone who is new to wand-style massagers or wants a powerful...

    € 134.90
  • Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager delivers intense and sensual pleasure. There are so many reasons why you might choose Le Wand over another wand-style vibrator... click below for more info!

    € 169.90
  • Sliquid Shine organic intimate toy cleaner is infused with natural, body-safe cleansing agents like tea tree oil and castor oil, which have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. To use, simply spray Shine directly on to area to be cleaned. Rinse with water (when possible), then wipe dry with a clean cloth, and store.

    € 16.90
  • Toys made for penises are often too large or too small, made from poor-quality materials, or awkward to use with partners. This creative new design from Fun Factory, however, is sleek, easy-to-handle, and ideal for both partner action and solo play!

    € 99.90
  • Always a pioneer in vibrator design, the imaginative folks at Iroha have given us yet another gem of a sex toy with a shape and feel unlike any we’ve ever seen!

    € 39.90
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