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  • Restore lubricant has been designed to actively protect against Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and to maintain the vagina’s natural pH balance. Its unique formula of all-natural, organic ingredients is paraben-free, petrochemical-free, and glycerin-free. Restore is safe for use with all safer sex and toy materials, and is also fertility-friendly.

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  • Don't have time to shower after a workout?  Need to freshen up before date night? Good Clean Love's Rebalance wipes are great for when you’re on-the-go. They gently cleanse and refresh your bits using a unique formula that supports healthy vaginal pH levels. Perfect for travelling and camping too.

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  • An Aloe Vera infused, natural, water-based, and pH balanced-neutral intimate moisturizer. Created for folks who are experiencing regular or periodic dryness due to menopause, medication, or for any other reason, Satin is designed for daily use as a vaginal moisturizer. Of course, it doubles as a fantastic sexual lubricant too! Free of parabens, DEA,...

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  • This Starter Kit by Keggel has everything you need to begin your yoni egg practice. Black obsidian is said to resonate strongly with the root chakra, the energy center in our bodies that harbors fear and trauma. This stone is often described as a stone that absorbs and dispels negative energy, anxiety, and fear.

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  • The Tiger's Eye stone is a favourite of yogis, as it is said to resonate very strongly with the solar plexus chakra, and carries a wild feminine energy. Known for strengthening will-power, focus, determination, and confidence, don’t be surprised if this stone inspires a cat-like energy in you! This Starter Kit by Keggel has everything you need to begin...

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  • The Ohnut is an awesome new product for anyone who experiences pain, discomfort or anxiety with deeper penetration. Using the Ohnut can give you peace of mind when it comes to managing – and possibly even eliminating – your pain, allowing you to relax and enjoy your sexy fun times.

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