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  • These metal rings are available in 3 different sizes, and can either be used as cock rings or as removable harness rings for smaller or bigger dildos.

    € 4.90
  • These thin rubber rings are available in 4 different sizes, and can either be used as cock rings or as removable harness rings for smaller or bigger dildos.

    € 1.90
  • Finally, a masturbation sleeve that’s 100% silicone! Designed for trans folks who have been on testosterone and experienced some growth downstairs. Perfect for solo or couple play, the Shotpocket creates a suction sensation that feels pretty great.

    € 32.90
  • A penis ring designed to enhance your erection, this thick cock ring will give you extra support when you need it.

    € 12.90
  • The Penis Pump is a safe and easy way to bring blood into the penis. Use this handheld pump to apply exactly the amount of suction and at the speed that feels right for you.

    € 22.90
  • This thick, Rainbow Steel Ring makes a great cock ring for more experienced players, and can also be snapped into most harnesses to provide a hard, slick, gorgeous O-Ring.

    € 27.90
  • What make these balls particularly special and different from other toys are their rotating inner weights. Set in motion by your every movement, these non-motorized weights are totally silent and provide a range of sensations from gently massaging to thrillingly ecstatic. Great for more experienced anal toy users, B-Balls are the latest craze in butt play.

    € 34.90
  • For those new to anal play, Buddy's graduated sizing can be less intimidating than larger plugs. It lets you start small and go bigger. It also makes a great warm up toy if you're working your way up to the next level, and its angled shape makes for subtle prostate stimulation or simply an enjoyable feeling of fullness.

    € 34.90
  • The Whirl, from the Fuze range of vibrator-compatible plugs, is a plug with a twist, with five subtle ridges that give extra stimulation. For increased control, use the circular hollow base as a finger hole, and for the ultimate experience, slide a mini-vibe into the base. Vibrator not included.

    € 29.90
  • The perfect accessory for those wanting a clean and confident anal play experience. With its easy-to-use one step insertion, this sleek-looking bulb douche is both safe and effective when used properly. Simply remove the tip, fill with water, insert and squeeze the bulb. Full user instructions included.

    € 14.90
  • For a little bounce in your butt...The B Ball Uno has a weighted ball inside that provides a unique rumbling sensation as it bounces and rolls around with your movements. Plus, it’s great for adding extra spice to a spanking or just for a silent, secret thrill while you go about your day.

    € 29.90
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  • Enjoy a stimulating deep clean with Nexus Douche Pro. It has a large 330ml bulb and curved nozzle that fits comfortably inside the body and can target the prostate for stimulation as you douche. The bulb is made from high quality rubber and the nozzle from super smooth plastic.

    € 22.90
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