Wax Play Candles

Manufacturer: The Bondage Man

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Handmade in the UK, these low-burn candles are made from soybeans and botanical oils.

The only additive is the skin-friendly dye to colour. This is important for both the "ingredient-conscious" consumer and because candles which contain chemicals can cause burns and bad reactions on the skin.

Soy wax does have a tendency to set with some frosting (this is unavoidable unless chemicals are added.)  But since frosting doesn't effect the melted wax, it's not really an issue for the purpose of these candles!

Low burn temperature 130F/54C:

Regular, non-labelled candles can vary in melting temperature and burn up to 180F/82C. Whereas the 130F/54C burn-temperature of these candles allows the wax to be hot enough to give the required sensation without burning the skin.


These candles are approximately 10cm x 3cm. Please keep in mind that they are handmade, so they may vary slightly. The size and shape was designed to make dripping wax easy and effective.


As with most skin products, please patch-test before first time use as all skin types are different and some people have an allergy to soya beans. There is no way to 100% guarantee that they will suit everyone.

For more info about these candles, or tips on wax play, visit the manufacturer's website at thebondageman.com.

Length:10 cm
Diameter:3 cm
Material:soy wax
Made in:United Kingdom

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