The Semenette

Manufacturer: Semenette/Berman Innovations

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A realistic-looking ejaculating dildo designed with love and ingenuity, and also with LGBTQI* users and families specifically in mind.

Great for folks trying to make a baby, or for anyone wanting to ejaculate with some other kind of liquid.

Safe for vaginal or anal use.


The idea behind this toy was to give partners or singles the possibility of a more intimate insemination experience. 

With its proprietary inner tubing and pump system, the Semenette can be just as effective as other conception methods, and is a whole lot more fun! 

With the Semenette you can easily remove and replace the functional components each time you use it.  Goodbye turkey basters!

The Semenette can also squirt lots of other liquids besides semen.  Chocolate syrup anyone?  (Just keep the chocolate out of vaginas, please!)

*The Semenette is not a pharmaceutical product but rather a novelty sex toy.

Length:15,9 cm
Diameter:3,8 cm
Material:100% silicone (dildo)
Also included:3 tubes, 3 Luer Lock fittings, 3 tip plugs and 1 squeeze bulb
Care & cleaning:warm water & soap
Made in:USA

€ 139.90