b-Vibe Snug Plug

Manufacturer: B-Vibe

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The Snug Plug is an ultra comfortable anal plug with added inner weights, that is designed to simulate the sensual feeling of fullness of a steel plug but with the added luxury of the silky, smooth silicone surface. The edges of the "torpedo-shape" provide extra stimulation.

The Snug Plug's weights rotate ever so slightly and add bonus stimulation when worn while masturbating, during partner sex, or just when going about your regular day, and its special shape makes wearing this plug for extended periods extra enjoyable.
Snug Plugs are made of body-safe, seamless silicone and feature a think, flexible neck and smooth grip handle.

Includes a travel/storage case and a copy of b-Vibe’s Guide to Anal Play.

Length:Snug Plug 1: 9,4 cm Snug Plug 2: 11 cm Snug Plug 3: 13 cm Snug Plug 4: 13,3 cm Snug Plug 5: 14 cm
Diameter:Snug Plug 1: 2 cm Snug Plug 2: 3 cm Snug Plug 3: 3,6 cm Snug Plug 4: 4,4 cm Snug Plug 5: 5,1 cm
Weight:Snug Plug 1: 55 grams Snug Plug 2: 114 grams Snug Plug 3: 180 grams Snug Plug 4: 257 grams Snug Plug 5: 350 grams
Material:100% silicone, metal weights enclosed
Care & cleaning:warm water & soap
Made in:China

€ 44.90