Mr. Boss by Fun Factory

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

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Introducing the newest member of Fun Factory’s famous Boss family: Mr. Boss. Although smaller in size than Boss Dildo and Big Boss, this toy shares its shape with the original Bosses, all of which have a pronounced ridge at the head for effective G-spot stimulation.

But Mr. Boss brings something totally unique to the table… it’s the first ever Hybrid vibrator, capable of running on regular batteries or rechargeable technology!

Can’t decide between the convenience of standard batteries and the eco-friendly virtues of rechargeable batteries? Now you don’t have to.  Mr. Boss takes either one, for the perfect blend of ease and earth-friendliness.

With Mr. Boss, you get all the advantages of both battery and rechargeable vibrators in one toy. Need your vibe right this minute? Pop in some batteries and you’re good to go, no waiting around for your vibe to charge. Fun Factory has even improved on conventional battery technology, with a vibrator that maintains a steady level of power throughout its battery life, instead of getting less and less powerful as the battery runs out.

Don’t want to crowd the landfills with more dead batteries? No problem! Mr. Boss is fully rechargeable with the Hybrid Kit, which allows you to charge your batteries inside your toy.
Designed with power in mind, Mr. Boss delivers deep, rumbling vibrations with 4 speeds and 6 programs.

Mr. Boss has a quiet motor, intuitive button controls, and a convenient locking function for easy travel. Plus it’s 100% waterproof.

Hybrid Kit sold separately.


€ 58.39