Duo by Womanizer

Manufacturer: Womanizer

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This Dynamic Duo is a sex toy superhero! The Duo combines the Womanizer’s patented “Pleasure Air” technology with an insertable, vibrating arm for simultaneous G-spot stimulation.

Like Womanizer’s other air pressure toys, the Duo’s stimulation head is designed to enclose the clitoris. This touchless stimulation, though, never actually touches the clitoris, but rather sends gentle massaging air waves to the clitoral nerves for a distinctive sensation that’s significantly different to conventional vibration.

With 12 different intensity levels and 10 vibration modes, you can control your desired amount of stimulation. So if you’re a fan of simultaneous internal and external stimulation, the Duo won’t likely disappoint!

And thanks to the Duo’s “Smart Silence” technology, your toy will only switch on upon contact with your body. So you can set it aside without needing to turn it off and then back on again, and it will be totally quiet while it waits for you to get back to it!

Rechargeable and fully waterproof.

A quick footnote about the name “Womanizer”: No, we don’t like the name either (and have given LOTS of feedback to the company about it-- @Womanizer, we’re waiting! – but we also believe that you should be able to take charge of your pleasure in whatever ways you like, and the Womanizer brand toys are both in high demand and exceptionally well-made. If you’re curious about air wave technology, but would rather support a different brand, check out the Irresistable Collection from Shots.

Length:20,3 cm
Diameter:2,2 - 3,5 cm
Material:100% silicone, ABS
Also included:USB charging cable
Features:waterproof, rechargeable, Pleasure Air technology, Smart Silence feature
Care & cleaning:warm water & soap
Made in:China

€ 194.86