Ambrosia Vibe 2.0

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The Ambrosia Vibe is a touch-responsive strap-on dildo. The unique “Pressure Sense Technology” perceives motion on the dildo and transfers sensation to the user via a vibrator at the base of the unit.

Massage the dildo, and Ambrosia Vibe pleasures the strap-on wearer, allowing the wearer to actually "feel" the sexual stimulation applied to the dildo! Stop your motion, and the vibration stops.

Orgasmatronics, the company responsible for this brilliant idea, was really onto something with this toy. But it must be said that they never quite perfected the technology. The good news is that the Ambrosia 2.0 technology is open source and licensed under Creative Commons, so @coders out there: get your sex caps on and start sex tech-ing!!

For now, the Ambrosia Vibe 2.0 works like this: A large bullet vibe is connected to a control box, which is attached to a harness (not included) via a sturdy loop-clip, and then a plastic “sense tube” runs from the control box to the dildo. We admit, it’s all a bit clunky.

Meanwhile, this is what’s happening behind the “Pressure Sense Technology” scene: the dildo is equipped with a hollow “sense tube” inside of the shaft (on the underside). When pressure is applied to the dildo, the changes in air pressure in the tube send a signal to the control box, which activates the bullet vibe. Note that there’s a 2-3 second delay between the dildo touch and the resulting vibration.

Unfortunately, if the sense tube gets clogged (with lube, for example!), it won’t work until you unblock it. But for all its flaws, the Ambrosia 2.0 can be a lot of fun, too. Its feedback system makes this toy especially awesome for blowjobs and handjobs. And other types of strap-on sex can also be great, as everyone involved gets a little more action (and reaction!)

The Ambrosia Vibe 2.0 includes a bullet vibe, 100% silicone small purple dildo, “sense tube”, and control box. The harness pictured here is not included.

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