Safer Sex 

  • Condoms that combine social consciousness and seriously cool design. Made of vegan latex, these condoms are bell-shaped with a reservoir tip and come cleverly packaged in inconspicuous little bags. Einhorn is a Berlin-based company with a strong focus on transparency, and on creating fair and sustainable manufacturing practices. Nominal width: 54mm

    € 6.33
  • Get the party started with these non-alcoholic, vegan, liqueur-flavoured condoms. Inspired by Irish Cream, Cognac and Cointreau (Orange Triple Sec). Nominal width: 52mm

    € 2.83
  • Glyde condoms are cruelty-free safer sex barriers made of premium quality lubricated latex. Each Glyde condom has been approved by the latest Australian and European standards and is certified vegan. Available in 4 different sizes, Glyde condoms are designed for a better fit.

    € 8.29
  • These flavoured condoms are extra lickable! With the subtle taste of vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, or cola, and the same great quality latex from Glyde, these condoms are a treat. Nominal width: 53mm

    € 8.29
  • It only feels right, when it fits right! MY.SIZE condoms are available in an astonishing 7 sizes! Ranging from size 47-69, My.Size offers greater comfort, safety and feeling.  No matter your size, My.Size has got you covered.

    € 7.80
  • Made from polyisoprene, a soft and flexible latex-free material which combines the strength of premium latex condoms with the sensitivity of ultra thin condoms. These are softer and stretchier than other non-latex condoms, and are a great option for those with latex allergies or sensitivities, or simply for folks who want the sensation of Skyn on skin....

    € 14.52
  • These are very thin, rectangular pieces of vegan, cruelty-free latex, which can be used as a barrier for cunnilingus or anal rimming. Glyde dams are non-lubricated, and lightly flavoured. Available in vanilla, cola, strawberry, and wildberry.

    € 9.75
  • Latex-free, unpowdered, and vegan, these gloves are made of a synthetic nitrile polymer, which is compatible with all types of lubrication, including oil. Gloves are a great way to keep your sex-play safer and smoother. Glove your love! Available in sizes XS - XL.

    € 1.95
  • Why let the material of your favourite sex toy keep you from sharing it with friends and lovers or enjoying it with your favourite lubricant?! 

    € 0.49
  • These condoms are latex-free and feel even thinner and softer than Skyn Original and Skyn Extra Lubricated. And compared to regular latex barriers, Skyn condoms feel much less intrusive, since their material transmits body temperature super effectively.

    € 19.40
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