Pulsators & Air Pressure Toys 

  • We-Vibe Melt Pleasure Air Stimulator:Sleeker and smoother than other air pressure toys, Melt is great for solo or couples play!The slim, curved design is easy to hold, and can fit comfortably between two bodies. Simply rest Melt’s Pleasure Air mouth over the clit (or whatever body part feels good for you!) and adjust the intensity with the easy-to-use...

    € 149.90
  • The Irresistible Kissable is the ideal combination of innovative airwave technology, a streamlined look and an ergonomic design. The mouth of the toy encircles the clitoris (or nipple, or wherever feels good!) without touching it and stimulates via soft pressure air waves and controlled pulses.

    € 89.90
  • Smooth, soft to the touch, and made from medical grade silicone, the Irresistible Seductive is the ideal combination of innovative airwave technology, a streamlined look and a travel-friendly design.

    € 89.90
  • The youngest member of the Fun Factory Stronic family, the G allows those of us who prefer a slimmer toy to enjoy the thrusting power shared by its heftier siblings. A pulsator, not a vibrator, the Stronic G provides a powerful, rhythmic back-and-forth motion that will suit fans of in-and-out sensations or those who want to experience repetitive pressure....

    € 159.90
  • Another pulsating superstar from Fun Factory, the Stronic Surf has earned its place in this famous family, known for their thrusting motion. The Stronic Surf’s unique shape is designed to hit all your hotspots. With ripples lining both sides of the shaft, the Surf massages the front wall of the vagina, where the G-spot lives, as well as the back wall of...

    € 159.90
  • A TAPPING, THRUSTING, PULSING VIBRATOR. The Sundaze’s extreme versatility makes this toy an extra special treat! With fifteen varied sensations to choose from, this toy just begs to be played with for hours at a time, while you explore every possible way to make yourself or a lover feel awesome.

    € 139.90
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