• Faultline is a collection of poetry published by Active Distribution/Sto Citas, November 2018. The poems are political and personal (and an examination of where those territories meet).

    € 6.50
  • FOOL’S JOURNEY - it's a book, it's a card deck, it's both! And so much more... Fool's Journey is a collection of poetry written by Jane Flett based on the Major Arcana of tarot, with cards designed by 22 incredible female and/or queer artists! You can buy the book or the cards solo, or get them as a set and save a bit of cash... either way, it's well...

    € 16.90
  • Precipice Magazine is an artistic exploration into human sexuality and relationships through the lenses of psychology, science, poetics, philosophy, art, and theory. Giving voice to the individual story, this annual printed publication focuses on art and writings addressing issues of sex, healing, love, transcendence, desire, psychology and pornography.

    € 25.00
  • In Fucking Conflicts erforscht Tina Jung Pornofilme als einen Raum, in dem Lust, Begehren und Konflikte nicht unterdrückt, sondern gelebt und bearbeitet werden. Im Rahmen ihrer Recherche führte sie Interviews und suchte nach Visualitäten, die stereotype Darstellungen von Sexiness durchbrechen.

    € 25.00
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