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Vixen Creations makes some of the most beloved cocks around town.
A small Austin-based company, Vixen unabashedly wants to get into your pants – and they know exactly how to do it! Vixen has produced premium silicone sex toys since 1992, when the sex toy industry was much different. Unlike most sex toy manufacturers at the time, Vixen used (and still does) only non-toxic, pthalate-free silicone. Specializing is more realistic-looking cocks, they combine top-quality craftsmanship with creative designs for bodies of all different shapes and sizes. Their patented, dual-density, realistic-feeling Vixskin, is a testament to their innovation. They also offer an unbeatable lifetime guarantee on most of their silicone toys. Unlike our actual bits, these toys are made to last … and last … and last.

  • Curved in a “come-hither” shape, the Annie-O is a P- and G-spotter that aims to please!Unlike most dildos, the Annie-O is tapered at the tip, making it easier to insert than toys with a larger head.

    € 87.63
  • The Bandit is Vixen's most realistic dildo. With a solid inner core and a pressure-sensitive soft exterior, Bandit's patented VixSkin silicone is luxurious to the touch and feels incredible. The long shaft is sleek and the slightly smaller balls fit nicely in any harness. Safe to use vaginally or anally.

    € 146.12
  • Incredibly realistic feeling, Buck is made of 100% premium silicone and is part of Vixen’s line of skin-like, dual-density “Vixskin” toys. If you want a toy with some girth, Buck is worth every inch! Safe to use vaginally or anally, and harness compatible.

    € 146.12
  • For those new to anal play, Buddy's graduated sizing can be less intimidating than larger plugs. It lets you start small and go bigger. It also makes a great warm up toy if you're working your way up to the next level, and its angled shape makes for subtle prostate stimulation or simply an enjoyable feeling of fullness.

    € 34.02
  • With modest proportions and an elegant curve, the Champlette Vibe in silver-glitter-sparkle is a limited edition gem of a dildo by one of our favourite manufacturers, Vixen Creations. Whereas most dildos have a bulbous head, Champlette starts off smaller and gradually widens.

    € 87.63
  • The perfect attachment for your wand vibrator. Now you can include vaginal or anal vibrations to your electric wand’s repertoire. Just place the Gee Whiz over the head of your vibrator. Fits the Europe Magic Wand and the Doxy Die Cast. 

    € 68.14
  • Sporting 3D balls that are designed to hang in front of a harness or pack strap, Goodfella is a favourite of those who want a realistic looking and feeling cock. When worn in a harness, Goodfella’s balls provide a soft cushion for more rigorous thrusting. Can be used for both playing and packing. Safe to use vaginally or anally.

    € 155.87
  • A Vixen classic and old favourite, Johnny is now available in dual-density VixSkin silicone, making an already detailed design even more realistic! One of Vixen's larger dildos, Johnny's round head, cascading veins on the shaft, and realistic balls give it an especially life-like look. Safe to use vaginally or anally. Harness compatible.

    € 155.87
  • The Leo Vibe offers the option of vibration to Vixen's already fabulous classic Leo dildo! The Leo is a firm, extra-length (17,8 cm) dildo with a consistent mid-range girth of 4,1 cm - from its head, down to its suction base.

    € 87.63
  • This substantial toy has realistic anatomical detail and a soft texture created by Vixen’s exclusive 100% Vixskin silicone formula. The dildo’s curve makes for comfortable penetration when used in a harness, and its integrated suction cup base sticks to hard surfaces for interesting possibilities. Safe to use vaginally or anally.

    € 146.12
  • The Mustang Royale combines Vixen's top selling Mustang dildo with a luxurious saddle base made entirely of soft, realistic-feeling dual-density VixSkin silicone.  When used in a harness, the Royale's base is designed to provide a more comfortable and stimulating experience than toys with standard bases. Safe to use vaginally or anally

    € 155.87
  • Made out of Vixen’s exclusive VixSkin silicone, Mustang has a solid inner core and an outer silicone layer that feels like the real deal.  Safe to use both vaginally or anally, and is harness compatible too!

    € 141.25
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