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  • The Acute is a slim-to-medium-sized toy commonly used for both vaginal and anal play. Its strong curve and firm silicone make it great for stimulating the G-/P-spot. For folks who want a smooth toy with some subtle texture. When worn in a harness, it sits at a comfortable angle for penetration.

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  • The classic double-dildo by Tantus, Feeldoe Slim is slightly narrower than other Feeldoes and doesn't require a harness to keep it in place. The bulb is held inside the vagina with the help of strong PC muscles, though this can take some getting used to. The shaft sits at a natural angle for comfortable penetration. Includes a waterproof single-speed...

    € 129.90
  • Designed to simulate the softness of a flesh body, but without the ultra-realistic look, Flurry O2 is made from Tantus’s unique dual-density 100% silicone. On the inside, Flurry O2 has a firm muscle core, surrounded on the outside by a thick layer of super soft silicone that feels oh so very luxurious!

    € 64.90
  • For those who like to live large, Mr. Universe may just be the ticket. This stout dildo is especially girthy for an extremely filling sensation. Safe to use vaginally or anally. Available in black only.

    € 129.90
  • A classic design made from the smoothest, silkiest-feeling silicone. Neo tapers at the tip for especially easy insertion. A great toy for more adventurous beginners or for people who already have some experience with butt plugs. Neo's curved base follows the body's contours, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    € 34.90
  • A paddle for spanking enthusiasts, Pelt is oval shaped, with smooth and rounded edges.  Made from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, Pelt is both rigid yet flexible, delivering a firm touch without exerting too much energy. 

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  • It's a Paddle... It's a Dildo... It's Plunge Paddle: a dildo & paddle in one super design!!! A paddle for spanking enthusiasts, the Plunge's handle doubles as a dildo with a smooth insertable shaft and bulbous head. The ultimate toy for your toy box. Safe to use vaginally or anally.

    € 49.90
  • The Ripple Small is a great first plug. It starts smaller than a fingertip, and gradually widens bulb by bulb. Extremely versatile, the Ripple can be used as a plug, beads or a dildo! Safe to use vaginally or anally, and can even be used in a harness.

    € 32.90
  • The Silk dildos by Tantus are simple, smooth, and sensual. They are safe to use vaginally and anally, and gently glide in and out of the body, making them great beginner toys. Harness compatible.

    € 42.90
  • Broad and comfortable, this is a great cock ring for beginners - or anyone who likes to keep things simple. The Super-Soft C-ring can be worn at the base of the penis for a gentler amount of pressure, or around the cock and balls for a more significant squeeze.

    € 11.90
  • A paddle for spanking enthusiasts, Thwack is rectangular shaped, with smooth edges.  Made from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, Thwack is both rigid yet flexible, delivering a firm touch without exerting too much energy.

    € 39.90
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