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  • Archer is a circumcised packer, made of high quality 100% silicone. It can be worn in underpants or a packing harness, and is available in two different sizes: standard and extra small.

    € 49.90
  • Carter is a posable toy with more girth to get you going! Made by dildo designers extraordinaire at The New York Toy Collective, Carter has the NYTC’s signature soft and natural feel combined with a bendable inner core. Yes. Oh yes.

    € 179.00
  • This double sided suction cup from the New York Toy Collective gets a huge thumbs up for its slick and effective design. Made of 100% silicone, this suction cup is a must-have for your toy chest. Attach just about any dildo to another dildo to transform them into a double-ended dildo in a snap! Or, do you wish your dildo had a suction cup base? Well, it’s...

    € 12.90
  • Made by the New York Toy Collective, Ellis is a realistic intact dildo with visible foreskin. Made of dual density silicone, Ellis has a uniquely realistic feel and a strong suction cup on its base. Unlike Shilo and Carter, Ellis does not have a bendable core. Safe to use vaginally or anally, and harness compatible.

    € 119.90
  • A realistic, vibrating, silicone attachment that can be used with Shilo, Carter or other dildos and can be positioned in any direction for enhanced sensation and pleasure. Position them towards you or your lover’s clit or anywhere else you’d enjoy vibrations, or let them hang for a pleasant thumping sensation while in action.

    € 42.00
  • Jack is a 2-in-1 stroker & packer, made with New York Toy Collective’s super soft 100% silicone. The stroker cavity is ribbed and will create fabulous suction for anatomy at least 1-1,5 cm in diameter, and can stretch to accommodate larger anatomy.

    € 64.90
  • Wondering if you can wear your packer while cycling? What about when you’re out dancing? With the NYTC Packer Pouch, you sure can! To use, simply slide your packer into the pouch, place the pouch inside your underwear & fold the flap over the top of your underwear's waist band. The Packing Pouch has strong magnets that will hold the pouch in position.

    € 19.90
  • This packing strap is designed to work with the STP Sam and the Archer or Pierre packer, but can also be used with most other soft packers. Unlike other packing straps, the NYTC strap includes two loops where the packer sits so you can securely pack either up or down, giving you more control over the size/look of the bulge. Great for boxers or going...

    € 29.90
  • For those who like a more natural look: meet Pierre, an intact uncircumcised packer. Made of high quality 100% silicone, it can be worn in underpants or a packing harness, and is available in two different sizes: standard and extra small.

    € 49.90
  • A dual density dildo with a uniquely realistic feel and a prominent head for G-spot or p-spot stimulation. Features a bendable core that's great at moving with you and your partner as you play and change positions, without popping out of place. Inspired by folks who want to be “ready to go”, Shilo can be worn in a harness, underneath clothing too.

    € 159.00
  • Designed with attention and care from actual user feedback, Sam is New York Toy Collective’s first stand to pee device for trans guys, gender non-conforming, gender fluid & gender queer folks. This silicone STP fits in regular undies or packing undies- no harness required, just hold it steady and let it flow. Choose from 4 skintones. Harness optional.

    € 79.90
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