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Hathor Canada is a small Canadian company that everyone should know about because their lube is just so darn good.

Founded in 1989 in Vancouver, Canada, Hathor Canada is owned and operated by Mellta Swift and Nathanda Swift. These two highly skilled skin experts were concerned about parabens and harsh chemicals in body-care products long before the “green revolution” hit the market place. Since their beginnings, Hathor has supported organic farming and sustainable agriculture by importing organic and wild crafted essential oils from small farms around the world. Above all, Hathor stands for quality. They do it right, so that we can too!!


  • Developed by two natural skincare experts, Hathor is an eco-friendly, water-based lubricant enriched with botanical aphrodisiac oils and anti-bacterial properties. With a medium to thick consistency, Hathor is ideal for any type of play.  It’s slippery, long lasting and non-sticky…an amazing combination of natural and effective. Glycerin free, paraben...

    € 18.00
  • Sutil Luxe is the original light formula from this outstanding Canadian manufacturer. A luxurious natural botanical lubricant that's light, long-lasting, paraben- and glycerin-free. Made with love by the highly skilled women at Hathor Canada, Sutil uses only the finest eco-certified ingredients*, and even comes in a biodegradable tube!

    € 24.00
  • Sutil’s thicker formula is designed to soothe dry or delicate tissues and its enhanced viscosity also helps to ease anal penetration. A luxurious natural botanical lubricant that's thick, super long-lasting, paraben- and glycerin-free.

    € 26.00
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