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  • Glyde condoms are cruelty-free safer sex barriers made of premium quality lubricated latex. Each Glyde condom has been approved by the latest Australian and European standards and is certified vegan. Available in 4 different sizes, Glyde condoms are designed for a better fit.

    € 8.50
  • Glyde Dental Dams are very thin, rectangular pieces of vegan, cruelty-free latex that offer protection during cunnilingus and anal rimming. Used properly, dams minimize the risk of contracting/transmitting STIs through the exchange of bodily fluids or contact with infected areas. Used for rimming, they also safeguard against the ingestion of bacteria from...

    € 10.00
  • These flavoured condoms are extra lickable! With the subtle taste of vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, or cola, and the same great quality latex from Glyde, these condoms are a treat. Nominal width: 53mm

    € 8.50
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