Virtual Toy Parties

Looking for a new way to see friends or celebrate a special occasion? Well, good news - we’ve moved our toy parties online!

Toy parties provide an opportunity for you and your friends, or any self-organized group of people, to get together, learn, and talk (or just listen!) openly in a comfortable environment.

In a time when keeping each other safe includes keeping our distance, this kind of space is even more valuable as it lets us connect with folx we care about and share some LOLs…… and now you can invite your friends from all around the world to come to your party!

So what exactly is a toy party?

These types of gatherings have been around for a long time, but Other Nature parties put a little twist on the old familiar...

Ever hear of a tupperware party? A toy party is sorta like that. But instead of showing you convenient plastic lunch containers, we show you SEX TOYS! Oh my! Sounds like tons more fun, right?

Unlike most mainstream home parties, we hold firm to a no-pressure sales ethic, and focus on giving you the best information we can in a fun, inclusive, non-judgmental way.

Whether you’re fully into the idea of having a toy party or you’re still on the fence, check out our selection of offerings below to see if something strikes your fancy…

Or maybe a workshop is more your thing. In that case, we have a full workshop programme, and also offer private group workshops! Because getting good sex ed never gets old.

You can check out our toy party pricing and book your toy party online here!

Toy Party Topics

When booking your party, choose one from the different offerings below:

Good Vibes for All

When it comes to vibrators, the wide range to choose from can sometimes feel overwhelming. But this variety can also inspire curiosity and creativity… let us give you a guided tour! As well as learning about different pathways to pleasure, we’ll talk about body-safe materials, the pros and cons of different designs, and bust some myths about playing with vibrators alone and with lovers. We’ll show you the classic bullet, lay-on, G-spot and wand styles, and we’ll also take you through the latest innovations in vibe-alternatives, like pulsators and toys that use air pressure waves. And if you’re sitting there thinking, what about butt vibes? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered :)

No Yucks Given: A kinky universe of sensations

Everyone has their own unique desires and fetishes-- no one will yuck your yum at this toy party. (As long as it's consensual!) This party will introduce some different sensations and toys to explore your kinks and fantasies. Pin wheels, nipple clamps or single-tail whips? Stingy canes or thuddy paddles? Blindfolds, ropes or handcuffs? Come and explore how each of these elements can open up new possibilities in our erotic lives. Weather simply curious or already on your way, join us for new ideas and inspirations for using different implements in ways that pull you out of scripted sexualities and into a kinky universe created uniquely for you!

Cheers for Queers: Queering sex toys

Queer people have long had a more pleasure-focused approach to sex than the heteronormative scripts written for the cis-straight world order. In this toy party, we question the sexual norms that box people into constricting roles and, more importantly, celebrate the myriad ways that lovers can play together. We'll discuss some of the many different paths toward sexual pleasure for all sorts of bodies, abilities and genitals. When it comes to toys, we'll give you a comprehensive toy show & tell, covering lots of different toy types. We’ll let you know what the designers and manufacturers originally had in mind, but we’ll also make space for curiosity and creativity - and, of course, we’ll give you plenty of ideas, too!

Let's Play Ball(s)! Toys for butts, balls, and cocks

Butt-plug or anal beads? Prostate vibrator or good, old-fashioned dildo? And what’s the deal with cock rings? If you’re curious about toy-fun for bums, balls and penises, whether you’re the owner of these body parts or play with partners who have them, this toy party will help familiarise you with the different options out there.