Toy Parties

Toy parties provide an opportunity for you and your friends, or any self-organized group of people, to get together, learn, and talk openly in a comfortable environment. These types of gatherings have been around for a long time, but Other Nature home parties put a little twist on the old familiar...

Ever hear of a tupperware party? Well, a toy party is sorta like that. But instead of showing you convenient plastic lunch containers, we show you SEX TOYS! Oh my! Sounds like tons more fun, right?

An Other Nature toy party is a great way to celebrate special occasions, like a birthday or an upcoming marriage. It’s also a fun (and educational!) way to spend an evening with friends.

We take special care to tailor each party to your group's needs and wishes, so that you get to learn about the products that interest you most.

Unlike most mainstream home parties, we hold firm to a no-pressure sales ethic, and focus on giving you the best information we can in a fun, inclusive, non-judgmental way… whether you buy stuff or not!

What will we talk about?

Well, that depends on you! When you request a toy party, we'll ask you to fill out a form which helps us prepare the products and knowledge which will most interest your group.

Are you keen to learn about strap-ons and dildos? No problem! Or maybe butt toys are more your thing. Just let us know. Our facilitators love talking about feminist porn and kink too, if that's where your passions lie.

Not sure what might strike your fancy? That's absolutely ok - we can also do a general sex toys 101 for curious beginners, or a 201...301...401... if you want to go beyond the basics.

Where does it happen?

You can host your toy party at your home, at Other Nature (after regular shop hours), or at an agreed upon third-party location. 

Is there a minimum/maximum group size?

We'll do our best to accommodate your group.  However, our standard toy parties are for a maximum of 20 people (all of whom must be at least 18 years old), plus the facilitator.  For larger groups, please contact us to discuss alternative pricing.

How much does a toy party cost?

Please contact us for information about party prices.

How do I book a toy party?

Send your inquiries and requests to home-parties[at]