Other Nature has partnered with Trans Feminism International to offer a get-home-safe fund at our workshops and events, providing those at risk with BVG tickets or cash for a taxi or ride-share home.

The idea behind the Get Home Safe fund:

For marginalised people, community participation is an essential part of survival and attending events can be an important part of that. Unfortunately, many people who attend events, parties and workshops by public transport are at risk, particularly trans women/trans-feminine people, people with disabilities and QTPOC (queer and trans people of colour) among others.

In its mission to support people with trans-feminine experience and others, Trans Feminism International has created and distributed pots of money that can be accessed by anyone who feels at risk taking public transport and might not otherwise be able to afford, or justify, the cost of private transport or a ticket for public transport. The pots come with guidelines and continued support by Trans Feminism International.

If you're attending an Other Nature workshop or event and would like to make use of this fund, please come and talk to us before you leave; alternatively you can pre-register here if this is easier for you.

This fund is supported entirely by donations, so if you do not feel that you are at risk but would like to support those who are, please help us by putting some money into our handsome Get Home Safe Frosch, which you will find on Other Nature’s front counter.