Current Exhibition

Suzanne Forbes at Other Nature

Suzanne Forbes is a sex-positive feminist artist who makes explicit live drawings of queer kinky people of all genders as they love, fuck, perform, protest and play.

All proceeds from the sale of Suzanne's work will be donated to Transsexworks and Other Nature's Fitting Room programme

Trans*sexworks is a peer to peer support structure and a network for and made up of Trans*sex workers (TSW). TSW in Germany, and in many other countries, are often excluded from support and counseling structures because of a lack of services that fit their needs. Transsexworks provides a place for TSW to meet, connect, and help each other out. It’s also an important resource for Trans*persons who want to start working in the sex trade. Additionally, Transsexworks offers learning opportunities for structures and institutions that deal with TSW.

The Fitting Room
is a not-for-profit community outreach programme that Other Nature launched in April 2018. It runs evening info sessions designed to give trans and non-binary folks an opportunity to comfortably try on a range of gender expression gear and also have enough time to get advice and share experiences in a non-pressurized setting. Donations to this programme will go towards purchasing testing gear and also to providing financial assistance to folks who can’t afford their gear.

More about Suzanne Forbes:

SUZANNE FORBES is a traditional figurative artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has worked as a courtroom artist for CBS and CNN, as the artist for DC Comics’ Star Trek comic book and for ten years as a live sketcher of Bay Area queer, kinky, sex positive culture.

Nowadays she teaches drawing in Friedrichshain and works as a portrait painter and live drawing documentarian. She goes around Berlin and draws people doing the things they love, always committed to representation and visibility for LGBTQi and alternative culture. Crowd-sourced monthly support from her Patrons on Patreon allows her to do this work and make the art available via Creative Commons. Help yourself to some free art!

About Other Nature's Gallery Space:

The Other Nature Gallery aims to increase the visibility of art that inspires our queer-feminist hearts.

We exhibit art that makes us think and feel, that asks us to see the world and our communities from new perspectives, that helps us to appreciate all of our beautiful selves, that connects us, that challenges us, and that encourages us to celebrate what's great in the world and rage against what's not.

When you buy an exhibition piece, all proceeds go to individuals, projects and programmes that need money to do awesome things.

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