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Why help a sex shop when sex toys sales are supposedly booming?

The mainstream media likes to report about how sex toy sales are skyrocketing during this pandemic, but it’s not the small, queer, sex-positive, education-oriented shops that are getting rich. It’s the big, profit-oriented sex shop platforms – which in fact have always made the existence of small, alternative shops like Other Nature difficult, particularly in recent years – that are making the big bucks right now, because large-scale online sales is their core business model.

It’s not ours. We exist on the basis of providing helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and zero-pressure customer service, and doing a heck of a lot of support work that has nothing to do with selling stuff.

We do this because we genuinely care that people get good, sex-positive sex education, and we know that feminist sex shops provide easier access and more perspective to this kind of information than most other avenues (most people won’t ever go to a sex therapist, but they are familiar with the shopping experience, so that’s already a start!)

How your donations help

It takes a village to sustain a sex positive sex shop! Your donation will go directly to paying our team of knowledgeable educators and allow them to continue creating exciting content, offers, and programmes, as well as to provide you with personalised support, whether you’re shopping for a dildo or just need someone to talk to about sex stuff.

We’re here to help! Help us to keep it that way! 

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