Dildos - objects that can be inserted in the vagina, anus, or mouth - are probably the world's oldest sex toy. One found in the Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany, dates back about 28 000 years! What is the secret of our age-old love affair with the dildo? Read on to find out…

Playing with dildos

Dildos invite us to enjoy the world of penetration, be it a satisfying full-up feeling, rapid thrusting or deep inner massage. They can be enjoyed during masturbation, or with your partner(s); they can be used alone or paired with other kinds of sensation (e.g, a vibrator on the clitoris).

Experiencing pleasure while being penetrated is a matter of personal preference – it has nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation. The only reason to associate a dildo with a penis is if doing so enhances the enjoyment of those involved.

While dildos are designed for penetration, they are as versatile as you are imaginative. Some people use their dildo to stroke their lover’s skin, to apply pressure to external parts of the body (e.g, the perineum), or for impact play.

Dildo styles

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes. Some are skillfully crafted to closely resemble a flesh-and-blood cock (complete with veins and available in cut and uncut models). Others look more like a piece of abstract modern art. Fancy a silicone aubergine, or a glass seahorse? These are available too!

If you are particularly interested in G-spot or prostate stimulation, a curved dildo can come in handy. A flared base is essential if you want to use your toy anally or combine it with a harness for hands-free penetration (see our Butt Play and Strap-on pages for more details).

Harder materials, such as glass, steel, ceramic or firm silicone, are great if you want to apply pressure with your dildo. A rounded tip allows this pressure to be targeted to a particular spot – e.g, the G-spot! A more flexible material – like softer silicone - moves with the shape of your body and is better suited to those seeking the full-up feeling.

At Other Nature, we think that it's important to know exactly what you are putting inside your body. Check out our materials guide to learn more about body-safe dildo options.

Pairing dildos with strap-ons

Harness-compatible dildos almost always have a flared base, which allows them to be strapped on. That said, double-dildos can also work well in strap-ons with an open back.

The main thing to remember is that harnesses which have a removable O-ring are more versatile when it comes to pairing with dildos. You can always get a smaller or larger O-ring to fit a specific dildo.

Having a snug O-ring increases the dildo’s stability and the control you have during strap-on play. The length of your dildo can also affect your level of control. Longer dildos might lead to thrust control issues, while shorter dildos can sometime be so stout that they continually slip out when thrusting. Keep in mind that you’ll generally lose anywhere from 1/4 - 1/2 cm of the dildo’s length when using it in a harness.

If your harness doesn’t have a removable O-ring, you’ll be a bit more limited in your dildo selection. You won’t be able to use a dildo that’s wider than the strap-on’s opening. For smaller dildos, and dildos with small or flimsy bases, O-ring Stabilizers are a fabulous solution. You can use these to expand the size of the dildo’s base so that it won’t fall through the front of your harness.

Some dildos have been thoughtfully designed with special features for using in a harness. The Fuze family of dildos and the Wet for Her Fusion have textured bases intended to stimulate the harness wearer.

If you’ve got your heart set on a dildo-harness combination but aren’t sure if they’re a good match, feel free to ask us. The creative staff at Other Nature often have special tips or hacks that we’re happy to share!

What's the deal with double-dildos?

We normally refer to a double-dildo as a dildo that's used by two people, one who “wears” the shorter static end of the dildo in their vagina, and one who “receives” the longer, dynamic (or thrusting) end in their vagina, anus or mouth. This type of design can either have a bean-shaped static end, like the Share or Union, or a dildo-shaped end, like the Nexus or Olga. These dildos are compatible with most harnesses, but can also be used harness-free.

Another style of double-dildo is a long, flexible dildo with no obvious middle point, such as the Fun Factory Sonic. This type of dildo is also designed for use by two people simultaneously, but has no set static or dynamic end, so that both users can move up and down on the toy as they wish. These dildos are not harness-compatible.

Double-dildos can be awesome, but also kinda awkward. As with many other sexy adventures, humour and patience are key to having a good time! Comfortable communication with your partner(s) also helps to get the hang of double toys.  

Here are some tips for using your double-dildo:

  • Use the dildo by yourself first. Get a feel for the shape and texture of both ends if possible.

  • As the dildo “wearer”, practice holding the static end inside. Experiment with different positions. You can even take a stroll around the house!

  • If the static part of the dildo keeps slipping out, try wearing it with a harness.

  • Instead of a harness, support the double-dildo with a regular pair of brief-style underwear. Pull the briefs up as far as they'll go: the underwear's waistband should sit under the dildo's shaft, helping to hold it in place.

  • Try gripping the middle of the double-dildo with your hand for more control.

  • Try various lying and sitting positions.

  • Find a rhythm that works for you and your partner.

Choosing a dildo

At Other Nature, you'll find dozens of different dildos to choose from, in exclusively body–safe, non-porous materials. If you're shopping online, have a tape measure handy to help make sense of the different sizes available. 

Spoiled for choice? Our Choosing Your Toy section can help you to figure out what you want. And whether you’re browsing our online shop or visiting us in the store, you can always ask one of our highly–trained staff members to help you think through your options.