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Community Talks is a very special (to us and hopefully to you, too!) programme where we chat with community organizers, sex educators, and sex workers about the amazing work they’re doing.

Many queers and feminists have spent their entire lives creating communities in a world that often feels alienating, and the corona epoch is no exception.

Though it may seem on the surface that we're isolating, this pandemic has also called for a burst of creativity, solidarity and coming together - because that's how we survive!

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Tues. Jan 18th - 19:00

Narumi is a Eurasian queer human being with many different passions. They are a certified pelvic steam facilitator, herbalism student, area scientist, researcher and writer, specializing on herbalism for eros and sexual wellness.

In their work, they allign their social and spiritual activism by integrating queer feminist and post-colonial scholarship into a grassroots approach to herbal medicine and spirituality.  

Narumi founded Eros and Botany, an educational project and an intentional space for BIPOC and queer folks that educates on herbal care for pelvic health, embodiment and decolonization of sexuality.  

They also curate The Pleasure Coven, an annual event that gathers people in the exploration of embodiment, pleasure, and connection to nature.

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