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Community Talks is a very special (to us and hopefully to you, too!) programme where we chat with community organizers, sex educators, and sex workers about the amazing work they’re doing.

Many queers and feminists have spent their entire lives creating communities in a world that often feels alienating, and the corona epoch is no exception.

Though it may seem on the surface that we're isolating, this pandemic has also called for a burst of creativity, solidarity and coming together - because that's how we survive!

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Tues April 6th - 17:00
Spanish trans activist, Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez (he/him) is a Spanish trans activist that was part of the campaign for self-determination in Andalucia, the first region in Spain to declare the right to self-determine one’s own gender. Shortly after, he moved to Scotland, where he has been living since then. However, he is in close contact with Euphoria, one of the organizations that are now involved in a new campaign for gender self-identification at a national level in Spain.

In January 2020 a new progressive Government was formed in Spain. It is a coalition between the Socialist Party and an alternative left party called Unidas Podemos. Both parties included legislation for transgender people in their electoral program, and both had proposed two pieces of legislation at a national level during the last term. However, the term ended when the Government could not pass the annual budget, and the President called for a snap election.
The new Government was formed to bring more stability, and trans organizations thought that it should be easy to propose and pass the so much needed "Trans Law.” However, an internal rift in the Government between the two parties has blocked this law’s development. It has also created a wage of criticism against trans-rights as never seen in Spain. Even more problematic is that the promoters of this regressive anti-rights current are prominent left-wing politicians, left-wing media and feminist leaders, who on other occasions were supporters of trans rights.

After over a year of trying to persuade the Spanish Government to reintroduce the Law Proposal that they already proposed in 2019, trans-campaigners grow out of despair and decided to start a hunger strike as the last resort for moving things forward.

Learn more via this press release from Spanish trans organization, Euforia.

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