Anal Play

Anal play includes many possibilities, such as stroking or massage of the anus, rimming (oral-anal stimulation), and penetration with fingers, toys or a penis.

Some people enjoy anal play as a stand-alone act, while others see it as an accompaniment to, or warm-up for, other kinds of sexual activity. Anal pleasure needn't be limited to sex with your partner(s), but can be part of masturbation. In fact, if you're new to anal, starting explorations alone can be a great way of learning about the erotic potential of your rear.

Like any kind of sexual activity, anal adventures aren't for everyone. But we can safely say that fans of butt play include folks of all genders and orientations.

Anal anatomy and pleasure

The anal opening has a dense concentration of nerve endings, which makes it highly sensitive to even light touch. Deeper inside the body, the upper part of the anal canal and the rectum tend to respond more to pressure or a “full-up” feeling. Pressure against the front rectal wall can, depending on anatomy, stimulate either the prostate gland, the G-Spot, or the inner body of the clitoris (especially when it is erect, i.e. when someone is turned on).

Anal toys

Anal toys come in different shapes and sizes. They start out smaller than a fingertip (great for beginners), and gradually get bigger (for the more experienced anal play enthusiasts!)

Different toys offer different types of sensation. There are 4 general categories of butt toy:

1. Butt plugs go in the bum, and stay in. They provide a feeling of pressure and fullness.

2. Anal beads are inserted one at a time, letting the anal sphincter open and close around each bead (and creating the possibility for very intense orgasms!).

3. Anal dildos move back and forth through the anal canal, producing a consistent sensation of movement and friction. Curved dildos can also be used for prostate or G-spot play.

4. Prostate/G-spot massagers are generally shorter than dildos with a firmly curved tip. They can be rocked back and forth, providing firm and consistent pressure to the prostate gland or G-spot (via the anal canal, when there’s nothing inserted in the vagina).

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Tips for having fun with your bum

  • Always use lube, and lots of it! The rectum isn’t self-lubricating and anal tissues are very delicate.

  • Only use toys with flared bases. Toys without flared bases can get lost, since the rectum is a throughway leading to the colon and not a closed system.

  • Never force anything into your butt. Relax and be patient. Apply gentle pressure to the anal sphincter until it’s ready to open for business!

  • The anal canal and rectum together almost form an S-shape, so consider using toys made of a flexible material (like silicone) that follow the natural curve of the body and be careful about the angle of insertion

  • People often hold a lot of tension and stress in their bums. Try using a vibrator around the outside of the anus to help relax your muscles. Or take a nice, warm bath.

  • Don’t numb your bum. Pain is an important indicator that something is wrong. Always listen to your body.

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