Pride Support for trans & BIPoC Sexworkers

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As the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots rolls around, we’ve decided to celebrate CSD by showing our gratitude to those who’ve played some of the most central roles in queer liberation, and who continue to struggle most against social and state persecution: trans & BIPoC sex workers. The global Covid-19 pandemic has only intensified the situation of SWers, both trans and cis, leaving many without basic resources for survival. 

All throughout this Pride month, you will have the option to add support to your order to help two peer-to-peer initiatives led by and for trans sexworkers: one Germany-based group, Trans*sexworks, and another international initiative for self-organised SWer groups in Latin America, Putxsunited

100% of the proceeds go towards the above organisations. We will split the total amount 50-50 at the end of the month.

You have the option to pay 5 -> 50 Euros support. You can also combine multiple amuonts if you wish to give more!

In return, we have partnered with one of our all-time favorite lube brands, Hathor/Sutil, to gift you a bottle of their newly re-launched Hathor Pure with every support contribution. 

If you give...

5 - 20€, we will gift you a 10ml bottle worth 3€

20€ - 40€ we will gift you a 60ml bottle worth 11.90€

40€ - 60€ we will gift you a 120ml bottle worth 18€

60€ + we will gift you a 120ml + 60ml bottle worth 29,90€

***Please note: your Hathor lube gift can be received as part of your order or as a pick-up at the shop.***

€ 5.00