Ouch! Oof! Mmm…. The Ins & Outs of Impact Play 09.03 View larger

Ouch! Oof! Mmm…. The Ins & Outs of Impact Play 09.03

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This workshop will take place online.

Curious about the joys and erotics potentials that pain might have to offer? Join us for an inspiring and informative introduction to impact play! 

We receive so many messages about what sensations we’re supposed to enjoy and which we’re supposed to avoid. This workshop will provide space to suspend those ideas and feel out how our bodies respond to different kinds of sensations. In addition to some guided play with ourselves, this workshop will introduce different impact toys and techniques, essential safety tips, how to negotiate a scene, and how to use our new skills in play. 

This workshop requires no partners, prior experience, or toys— though you are welcomed to bring what you have!

Zee is a Sex Educator / Shop Assistant at Other Nature who recognizes the radicality of accessing and expressing our desires, and learning what it can mean to develop mutual, intentional, caring intimacies. They approach the world with a critical, curious, anti-oppressive lens, and believe this to be an important foundation for opening up spaces and conversations around pleasure and sex education.

20 Euro - Supporter Ticket
15 Euro - Regular Ticket
10 Euro - Soli-Ticket

20€ is a Supporter price for those of you who can afford to provide us with a bit of extra support.

However, if you’re also struggling to make ends meet, please feel free to use a voucher code at checkout:  4HPLT5GS for a 5€ reduction or RVCZ5AT1 for a 10€ reduction.

Where:Online on Zoom
When:Tuesday, 09.03, 6-8pm
Cost:20 (15/10 limited income)

€ 20.00