Vagiwell Premium Dilators

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These are 100% silicone medical dilators for personal dilation exercises which can help in a variety of situations, such as:

- after having given birth, scarring following surgical cuts to the perineum (epistomy) or perineal tears
- after Vaginoplasty or some other gynecological surgeries
- long-term radiotherapy or chemotherapy cancer treatment
- Vaginismus (tightening of the vaginal muscles) or Lichen sclerosus
- general pain that occurs during penetration caused by tightened muscles or scarring

If you're unsure whether you should use dilators, it's best to ask a medical professional. If you have further questions, we're also glad to help you.

How to use dilators:

The goal of the exercises is to slowly stretch the vagina. Starting with the smallest size, the dilator is introduced into the vagina and is kept there for several minutes. When one size can be introduced without any discomfort, move directly to the next size. The exercises should be performed in a relaxed sitting or lying position.
Unless prescribed otherwise, the exercises should be repeated daily.

This set includes:

5 dilators
50ml SYLK lubricant
storage pouch


Size 1, Light blue
Diameter: 12-14 mm
Length: 122 mm

Size 2, Mint green
Diameter: 16-18 mm
Length:135 mm

Size 3, Purple
Diameter: 20-22 mm
Length:150 mm

Size 4, Pink
Diameter: 24-26 mm
Length:163 mm

Size 5, Beige
Diameter: 28-30 mm
Length:177 mm

Size:see product description

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