Period Cup by Original Unverpackt

Manufacturer: Original Unverpackt

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Made of medical-grade, non-porous, chemical-free silicone, the Period Cup is a great choice for body-safe and waste-free menstrual hygiene. Simply wash with soap to clean, or boil for 3-5 minutes to totally sterilize before using on your next cycle.

Original Unverpackt works with different organizations in Germany and, for each Period Cup sold, donates 1€ to marginalized women - whether homeless, new migrants, or otherwise disadvantaged.

Please note that the small size is generally recommended for people of all ages with light to regular menstrual flow and no specific weak pelvic floor-related muscle conditions, and the medium size for those with heavy menstrual periods, weak muscles, and/or who have already given birth.

Material:100% silicone
Care & cleaning:warm water & soap; boil monthly
Capacity:small: 20 ml medium: 25 ml

€ 13.90