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  • Comfortable and secure, this is a great choice for medium to heavy flow days. And thanks to its wings, this pad gives you optimal protection on all sides.  Non-bunching, and extremely comfortable, Kulmine's washable cloth menstrual products are produced of the best eco-quality, organic cotton.

    € 18.55
  • An extremely versatile pad. Great for medium to heavy flow days and gives optimal protection on all sides. The foldable design means that it stays securely in place without any buttons or clips, making it a great choice for cyclists too! Non-bunching, and extremely comfortable, Kulmine's products are produced of the best eco-quality, organic cotton.

    € 17.57
  • Made of 100% cotton, these extra absorbent and extra long pads are designed for postpartum, urinary incontinence, or an exceptionally heavy flow that needs more absorbency and coverage than standard pads can provide.

    € 23.55 € 16.49
  • Freelax is a handy (and one-handed!) little device used to pee while standing.  It’s perfect for those nasty Dixi toilets, public washrooms, at festivals, in the forest, or at the side of the highway when you’re stuck in traffic… it can even help to give urine samples.

    € 7.70
  • The Pee-Zee is a portable, reusable and discreet (no bum show!) urinary device that lets you pee standing up (if you don’t already.) Great for field work, camping, rock climbing, boating, road trips, travelling, parties, festivals, nasty bathrooms, and so on.

    € 14.52
  • A portable and reusable urinary device that's compact and fits nicely in your pocket!  Designed with AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) people in mind because of its small size and especially discreet public bathroom possibilities, the Snee-Kee is suitable for people of any gender who are looking for a little extra help to pee standing up.

    € 13.90
  • Designed with attention and care from actual user feedback, Sam is New York Toy Collective’s first stand to pee device for trans guys, gender non-conforming, gender fluid & gender queer folks. This silicone STP fits in regular undies or packing undies- no harness required, just hold it steady and let it flow. Choose from 4 skintones. Harness optional.

    € 89.90
  • Handmade in Sweden, these organic massage and body oils smell amazing and leave the skin feeling great. Treat yourself or someone you love with a luxurious rub!  Available in 4 different scents.

    € 18.42
  • Sliquid Organics Massage Oils are a rich, sensual blend of naturally occurring nut and seed oils, combined with hand-selected, certified organic botanicals. All organic botanicals are chosen for their natural skin healing and soothing properties, and each oil is infused with scents designed to align the mind, body, and spirit.

    € 14.52
  • This wash is a gentle moisturizing cleanser made with soothing botanical extracts. It’s safe to use on intimate areas because, unlike harsh soaps and cleansers, it matches healthy vaginal pH levels (acidity and salinity), helping to protect against infection and discomfort.

    € 21.35
  • Don't have time to shower after a workout?  Need to freshen up before date night? Good Clean Love's Rebalance wipes are great for when you’re on-the-go. They gently cleanse and refresh your bits using a unique formula that supports healthy vaginal pH levels. Perfect for travelling and camping too.

    € 21.35
  • An Aloe Vera infused, natural, water-based, and pH balanced-neutral intimate moisturizer. Created for folks who are experiencing regular or periodic dryness due to menopause, medication, or for any other reason, Satin is designed for daily use as a vaginal moisturizer. Of course, it doubles as a fantastic sexual lubricant too! Free of parabens, DEA,...

    € 14.52
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