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  • This Starter Kit by Keggel has everything you need to begin your yoni egg practice. Black obsidian is said to resonate strongly with the root chakra, the energy center in our bodies that harbors fear and trauma. This stone is often described as a stone that absorbs and dispels negative energy, anxiety, and fear.

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  • The Tiger's Eye stone is a favourite of yogis, as it is said to resonate very strongly with the solar plexus chakra, and carries a wild feminine energy. Known for strengthening will-power, focus, determination, and confidence, don’t be surprised if this stone inspires a cat-like energy in you! This Starter Kit by Keggel has everything you need to begin...

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  • Ami is a 3-step pelvic floor exercise set and sex toy. All three Amis can be worn during everyday activities to tone the pelvic floor, and can also be used as sex toys, angling their bulbous curves to gently stimulate the G-spot.

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  • The Trainer Toyfriends are designed for doing Kegel-exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, thereby enhancing both your physical and sexual well-being.  The Single Toyfriend is incredibly smooth and seamless, making it easy to insert and remove, and comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

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  • The Double is slightly slimmer and heavier than the Single Trainer, making it a great step forward or maybe the right first choice if you've already done a bit of training. The Trainer Toyfriends are designed for doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, thereby enhancing both your physical and sexual well-being. 

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  • Provides a simple and effective way to train the pelvic floor. It has an internal ball, which rotates as you move. Worn during everyday activities, such as walking or climbing stairs, it gradually allows the vaginal muscles to detect movement, thereby strengthening the pelvic floor. For more effective toning, actively squeeze your muscles around the ball.

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  • The next step up in pleasure and strength for the pelvic floor! Smartballs Duo have two internal metal balls, which rotate as you move, and provide a simple and effective way to train the pelvic floor muscles while going about your normal daily business. The double ball works both the muscles higher up and lower down the vaginal canal.

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  • Designed to be worn inside the vagina, these 100% stainless steel kegel balls are small and heavy, making them a special challenge to hold inside. Because of their small size and substantial weight, these balls are best for advanced pelvic floor training. Some people find that wearing these balls also creates pleasurable stimulation ... a happy bonus!

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  • Ruby Cup is a healthy, high-quality, cost effective, and eco-friendly menstrual cup made from 100% medical grade silicone, and reusable for up to 10 years. Menstrual cups are used and loved by people all around the world, and are favoured as the most environmentally sustainable and healthy menstrual care product. Available in 2 sizes.

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  • This cup has an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to wear. Its surface is lightly textured for easy gripping during removal. It gives you up to 12 hours of period protection at a time, depending on how heavy your flow is. When you’re ready, just empty it, wash it out, put it back in, and enjoy another 6-12 hours of not thinking about your period.

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  • The FemmyCycle cup holds your menstrual flow for longer than traditional cups, and has a no-spill design for no-mess removal. Designed by a physician, this 100% medical grade silicone menstrual cup is reusable and hygienic. To clean it, simply rinse with water and soap, or boil it to sterilize.

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  • This Sterilizer is fantastic for cleaning your Ruby Cup (or other brand menstrual cup) between your periods. It's foldable and made of 100% food grade silicone, so it's great for travelling and safe to use over and over again.

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