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The Fenis is a unique stand-to-pee device that facilitates urinating in a standing position and helps you to control the direction of the flow.

Unlike other such devices, the Fenis is soft, flexible and easy to fold for convenient travel.  When unfolded, the Fenis returns to its proper shape, and it can last for years of use with minimal care.

The Fenis provides an alternative way to urinate in washrooms or the outdoors. It's great for travelling, boating, camping, sports, or whenever there's no washroom nearby.  Plus, use the Fenis in public toilets to avoid contact with dirty seats.

The Fenis dries easily after use.

Made of soft yet durable silicone, the unique shape and flexibility of the Fenis receptacle allows a close, comfortable fit.

The Fenis is reusable, compact, hygienic, easy to clean and comfortable to use.

Material:100% silicone
Care & cleaning:rinse with water
Made in:Canada

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