Pierre by New York Toy Collective

Manufacturer: New York Toy Collective

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For those who like a more natural look: meet Pierre, an intact uncircumcised packer.

Made of high quality 100% silicone, it can be worn in underpants or a packing harness, and is available in two different sizes: standard and extra small.

This packer was created in response to high customer demand for an uncut packer, and The New York Toy Collective delivered big time!

If you're looking for a circumcised packer, check out Archer.

Length:Original: 13,3 cm Extra Small: 10,2 cm
Width:Original: up to 5,1 cm Extra Small: up to 4,4 cm
Material:100% silicone
Care & cleaning:warm water & soap
Made in:USA
darkest tone (nytc)
middle-dark tone (nytc)
light-middle tone (nytc)
lightest tone (nytc)

€ 59.90