• This packing strap is very comfortable, and can be paired with a packer, an STP, or a Pack&Play. The open-ring design allows you to wear your prosthesis directly against your skin. The waistband and straps are adjustable, and can be worn either as a jockstrap or g-string. Available in black. Ring diameter 4 cm.

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  • This packing strap is designed to work with the STP Sam and the Archer or Pierre packer, but can also be used with most other soft packers. Unlike other packing straps, the NYTC strap includes two loops where the packer sits so you can securely pack either up or down, giving you more control over the size/look of the bulge. Great for boxers or going...

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  • Designed for tucking, these brief-style underwear are comfortable and effective. The extra strong material flattens the genital area better than looser fabrics, but this added tightness can also make it more difficult to pull on and off. Available in sizes XS-XL.

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  • This seamless black panty includes a built-in foam padding on the backside that gives your bootie a few more curves. The strong material also provides front genital compression. Available in size: XS until XL.

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  • The B.J. is designed specifically for blowjobs! Compatible with most standard harnesses, the BJ has a funnel shaped base with a hollow shaft and a tiny hole at the tip of the head. When the head is being sucked, it creates an amazing and pleasurable suction for the wearer in just the right spot.

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  • Finally, a masturbation sleeve that’s 100% silicone! Designed for trans folks who have been on testosterone and experienced some growth downstairs. Perfect for solo or couple play, the Shotpocket creates a suction sensation that feels pretty great.

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  • Deutsche Übersetzung des Crimethinc Gender Posters.

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  • The Gender Subversion Poster-Kit is a two-color double-sided poster and line-art illustrated colouring road map for both kids and adults. Front poster illustration was redrawn from an original drawing in Bamboogirl zine.

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