• A position to try on every card. With 52 positions to try out, add intrigue and excitement to each and every week of the year.  Or get really frisky and try them all at once! Use these cards to inspire, amuse, and titillate ... or simply as a regular playing deck. This isn’t your grandma’s Rummy deck … but she might like one too!

    € 6.90
  • With this game, you can only get lucky! Bijoux Indiscrets’ dice have been designed so you can personalize them. Each game contains 3 dice, and 3 sets of 9 re-positionable stickers: 1 set for body parts, 1 set for actions, and 1 set for places.

    € 7.90
  • This little tin contains a lot of smutty inspiration! With 72 individual word magnets to choose from, you can let loose your smut-filled thoughts all over your fridge, or any other steel surface. It's called poetry, friends... and don't let anyone convince you otherwise (the box says so!)

    € 8.90
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