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  • Lucky for us, kink comes in all kinds of flavours and colours.  These delicate restraints can be worn separately as bracelets or with the chain as handcuffs. Plus, they have clasps that allow them to adjust to fit any wrist. Choose from faux pearl in either black or white.

    € 19.90
  • The perfect collar for your boldest outfits. Or attach the leash and re-direct the course of your day towards a kinkier kind of play! Available in brown and black faux leather.

    € 39.90
    Out of stock
  • Try these on your titties for an especially titillating time!  Whether you want to treat yourself, tantalize a lover, or spellbind a crowd, these pasties are irresistible ... and oh so very pretty. Adhesives included. Handmade.

    € 19.90
  • Clito is an anatomically-inspired pendant that aims to draw attention both to the actual shape of the clitoris and the pleasure potential of this beautiful and nerve-dense body part. Handmade with sex-positive love in Berlin.

    € 24.90
    Out of stock
  • Made in Germany by Glitterkram, this biodegradable glitter is made of cellulose and cellulose acetate. It is guaranteed free of heavy metals and petroleum-based plastics and is vegan-friendly. To apply, simply put a little oil-based cream to the desired area and then spread on the glitter.

    € 6.90
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