• A slimmer version of the popular Fuze Ultra, Ace is a fabulously soft and realistic dual-density silicone dildo. With Fuze's signature ribbed base, it is designed to give stimulation to the person wearing the dildo in a harness. Safe to use vaginally or anally, it is also vibe-compatible and fits a Power Bullet or similarly sized bullet-style vibrator....

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  • Handsculpted from polished Absolute Black Granite. The shaft twists slightly, and the smooth curves gently broaden out into a flattened head. Designed to give a fuller feeling with targeted G-spot stimulation. Use the D.2 from either end, and rotate it from side to side to explore all its different possibilities.

    € 94.90
  • Meet The Foreman, Fuze's first uncircumcised toy designed from a human model! It has Fuze's signature ribbed base designed to give stimulation to the person wearing the dildo in a harness. Safe to use vaginally or anally, it is also vibrator-compatible and fits a Power Bullet or similar-sized bullet-style vibrator. Vibe not included.

    € 69.90
  • The Ripple Small is a great first plug. It starts smaller than a fingertip, and gradually widens bulb by bulb. Extremely versatile, the Ripple can be used as a plug, beads or a dildo! Safe to use vaginally or anally, and can even be used in a harness.

    € 32.90
  • The Fuze Elle is great for clitoral stimulation, but is packed full of potential for so much more. Elle is vibe compatible, and still discrete enough to be worn inside clothing. The velvety soft ridges may be used for a sensual massage, or the nubs for more focused stimulation. Vibrator not included.

    € 24.90
  • Looking for a little more length? This may be the dildo for you! With a shaft of 7 inches (that’s 17,8cm for those of us in Europe), this toy can hit the spots its shorter siblings fail to reach. The extra length makes this a good choice for strapping on. With a sculpted head, it may suit those looking for a more realistic form in a fun colour. Safe to...

    € 69.90
  • Made by the New York Toy Collective, Ellis is a realistic intact dildo with visible foreskin. Made of dual density silicone, Ellis has a uniquely realistic feel and a strong suction cup on its base. Unlike Shilo and Carter, Ellis does not have a bendable core. Safe to use vaginally or anally, and harness compatible.

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  • With modest proportions and an elegant curve, the Champlette Vibe in silver-glitter-sparkle is a limited edition gem of a dildo by one of our favourite manufacturers, Vixen Creations. Whereas most dildos have a bulbous head, Champlette starts off smaller and gradually widens.

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  • The B.J. is designed specifically for blowjobs! Compatible with most standard harnesses, the BJ has a funnel shaped base with a hollow shaft and a tiny hole at the tip of the head. When the head is being sucked, it creates an amazing and pleasurable suction for the wearer in just the right spot.

    € 89.90
  • This double sided suction cup from the New York Toy Collective gets a huge thumbs up for its slick and effective design. Made of 100% silicone, this suction cup is a must-have for your toy chest. Attach just about any dildo to another dildo to transform them into a double-ended dildo in a snap! Or, do you wish your dildo had a suction cup base? Well, it’s...

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  • For those who like to live large, Mr. Universe may just be the ticket. This stout dildo is especially girthy for an extremely filling sensation. Safe to use vaginally or anally. Available in black only.

    € 129.90
  • Tango Pleasure Mate Collection – a pleasure set for all kinds of fun! Includes the We-Vibe Tango vibrator, Glow Pleasure Mate and the Dusk Pleasure Mate.

    € 129.90
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