• Made from silky-smooth silicone, this attachment fits directly onto the metal head of the Europe Magic Wand and carries its intense vibrations into the body during vaginal or anal play. The Genius's strong curve is great for targeted G-spot or p-spot stimulation.

    € 59.90
  • A slimmer version of the popular Fuze Ultra, Ace is a fabulously soft and realistic dual-density silicone dildo. With Fuze's signature ribbed base, it is designed to give stimulation to the person wearing the dildo in a harness. Safe to use vaginally or anally, it is also vibe-compatible and fits a Power Bullet or similarly sized bullet-style vibrator....

    € 59.90
  • Handsculpted from polished Absolute Black Granite. The shaft twists slightly, and the smooth curves gently broaden out into a flattened head. Designed to give a fuller feeling with targeted G-spot stimulation. Use the D.2 from either end, and rotate it from side to side to explore all its different possibilities.

    € 94.90
  • Meet The Foreman, Fuze's first uncircumcised toy designed from a human model! It has Fuze's signature ribbed base designed to give stimulation to the person wearing the dildo in a harness. Safe to use vaginally or anally, it is also vibrator-compatible and fits a Power Bullet or similar-sized bullet-style vibrator. Vibe not included.

    € 69.90
  • The Fuze Elle is great for clitoral stimulation, but is packed full of potential for so much more. Elle is vibe compatible, and still discrete enough to be worn inside clothing. The velvety soft ridges may be used for a sensual massage, or the nubs for more focused stimulation. Vibrator not included.

    € 24.90
  • This comfortable neoprene stabilizer expands the base of your favourite dildo making it compatible with larger O-ring harnesses. Specially shaped to add structure and stability. To use, simply slide the stabilizer over your dildo and then insert the toy into your harness. The stabilizer should sit behind the harness’s O-ring opening. Available in two sizes.

    € 12.90
  • The Contour’s pleasing curve and relatively firm silicone make it a good option for applying targeted pressure to the G-spot or p-spot. With its smooth, powdery finish, the surface of the Contour is oh-so-strokable! The Contour is a classically tapered dildo that is harness-compatible and suitable for both vaginal and anal play.

    € 74.90
  • For those who like to live large, Mr. Universe may just be the ticket. This stout dildo is especially girthy for an extremely filling sensation. Safe to use vaginally or anally. Available in black only.

    € 129.90
  • The Ohnut is an awesome new product for anyone who experiences pain, discomfort or anxiety with deeper penetration. Using the Ohnut can give you peace of mind when it comes to managing – and possibly even eliminating – your pain, allowing you to relax and enjoy your sexy fun times.

    € 64.90
  • Curved in a “come-hither” shape, the Annie-O is a P- and G-spotter that aims to please!Unlike most dildos, the Annie-O is tapered at the tip, making it easier to insert than toys with a larger head.

    € 89.90
  • STP Rod Insert by NYTC: Introducing the rod, another gem from the New York Toy Collective. Turn your Sam STP from a 2-in-1 to a 3-in-1. With the rod you can pack, pee AND penetrate!

    € 24.90
  • The Bumpher rubs you in all the right places during harness play! Designed to give added stimulation and a protective cushion to the harness wearer, Bumpher is a soft and supple silicone sleeve that stretches to fit over the base of a strap-on dildo.

    € 34.90
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