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  • Made out of Vixen’s exclusive VixSkin silicone, Mustang has a solid inner core and an outer silicone layer that feels like the real deal.  Safe to use both vaginally or anally, and is harness compatible too!

    € 119.90
  • The Nexus Jr is slightly shorter and slimmer than the Nexus Sr. Vixen's silicone feels amazing and is sturdy enough to provide firm penetration for both partners. The arc of the ‘wearer’s’ end ensures a comfortable positioning. This toy works best with a harness for vigorous vaginal or anal penetration, but with a little patience and practice, it can also...

    € 104.90
  • Don Juan is both small enough for anal play beginners and functionally-shaped so that even more experienced toy users can enjoy it! This plug has three curved ellipses for extra sphincter and internal stimulation. Its bulbous shape can also effectively stimulate the prostate. Its slim base is designed to rest comfortably between the butt cheeks even while...

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  • A double-egg-shaped plug that features two progressively larger bulbs for a pleasurable 2-step insertion. This unique toy is also powered by a removable single-speed bullet. Because of the relatively large size of both bulbs, the Valentino Vibe is recommended for more experienced anal plug ass-ficionados! Vibrator included. Waterproof.

    € 44.90
  • There’s only one instruction for this toy: plug it in and play! Great for anyone looking for extremely powerful vibrations. Some suggested uses are as an external massager to stimulate the nipples, vulva, clit, perineum, penis shaft and frenulum, for example. With its smooth, rounded tip, The Don can also be used internally, both vaginally and anally.

    € 94.90
  • Hand sculpted from polished Absolute Black Granite. Smooth, hard and heavy, this beautiful stone plug by the designers at Laid is meant to give you the ultimate butt plug experience. Heighten your anal sensations. Nothing is quite like it.

    € 54.90
  • For a little bounce in your butt...The B Ball Uno has a weighted ball inside that provides a unique rumbling sensation as it bounces and rolls around with your movements. Plus, it’s great for adding extra spice to a spanking or just for a silent, secret thrill while you go about your day.

    € 29.90
  • A slimmer version of the popular Fuze Ultra, Ace is a fabulously soft and realistic dual-density silicone dildo. With Fuze's signature ribbed base, it is designed to give stimulation to the person wearing the dildo in a harness. Safe to use vaginally or anally, it is also vibe-compatible and fits a Power Bullet or similarly sized bullet-style vibrator....

    € 59.90
  • Meet The Foreman, Fuze's first uncircumcised toy designed from a human model! It has Fuze's signature ribbed base designed to give stimulation to the person wearing the dildo in a harness. Safe to use vaginally or anally, it is also vibrator-compatible and fits a Power Bullet or similar-sized bullet-style vibrator. Vibe not included.

    € 69.90
  • A perfect beginner anal toy. Its small size and extremely smooth surface allow it to slide easily and gently in and out of the body. And the wide base that divides the two ends prevents the toy from accidentally going in too deep. Plus, you get a different shape on either end!

    € 22.90
  • Smooth ridges for added sensation! The textured surface combined with the firm curved tip allow for optimal G-spot or P-spot stimulation. Safe to use vaginally or anally.

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  • Find your pleasure destination with an Ooh Pleasure Kit! All kits include a motor and two vibrating shapes that click onto the motor. It's like Lego, but way more fun!

    € 75.00
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