• Big Big Love is the only one-stop-shopping handbook on relationships, sexuality and big sexy confidence for people of all genders, sizes and sexual orientations who know that a fantastic love life doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the numbers on the bathroom scale.

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  • Here is everything you need to know to give and receive anal pleasure: Bill Brent gives helpful suggestions for building trust and talking about anal sex with your partners; clear, illustrated guide to anatomy; how to experience pleasurable anal penetration; helpful tips on safety, preparation, diet and hygiene; S/M, genderplay, fetishes and ´edge´ play;...

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  • With style and wit, sex educator Violet Blue breaks down the essential elements of strap-on sex for heterosexual couples and tells you exactly how to do it. Full of suggestions for positions, toys, harnesses, role-play scenarios, communication, and reading your partner like a dirty book, this guide offers step-by-step instructions as well as hot stories...

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  • In this ground-breaking, bestselling graphic memoir, Alison Bechdel charts her fraught relationship with her late father. In her hands, personal history becomes a work of amazing subtlety and power, written with controlled force and enlivened with humor, rich literary allusion and heartbreaking detail.

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  • This first book by Rae Spoon, a transgender indie singer-songwriter, is a candid, powerful story about a young person growing up queer in a strict Pentecostal family in Alberta, Canada...  With a heart as big as the prairie sky, this is a quietly devastating, heart-wrenching coming-of-age book about escaping dogma, surviving abuse, finding love, and...

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  • The prostate, or P-Spot, offers male-bodied people the possibility of erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible. Men who may not feel confident exploring anal play will be empowered to claim the prostate as an erogenous zone ripe for exploration. And those who already enjoy prostate play will find much to learn from sex educators Charlie...

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  • “Isn't everything fabulous in this world just a little bit gay?”This truth is celebrated on every unique page for you to explore and color, made up of inked and framed line drawings with beautiful typography, reminiscent of a handsomely designed vintage children's alphabet book.

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  • This fabulous colouring book features 26 gorgeous line drawings by artist Taliah Lempert. The illustrations are of real bicycles, full of personality.  The outlines are based on portraits Lempert painted for the bicycles' owners.

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  • geht das – ein leben ohne gender? geschichten vom versuchen und scheitern, heiter und sehr traurig, von verbindungen mit menschen und ihren irritationen und einem für viele vielleicht neuen lösungsansatz: sich von gender als kategorie zu verabschieden. „Goodbye Gender“ macht den anfang.

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  • This is the story of Ash, a trans woman and healer living in a corner of Europe controlled by a militarized state. Amid the economic crash of the 2020s, this land, once a hub of diversity, saw the rise of a state-imposed monoculture of gender, sexuality, ability and race. Those that didn’t fit, known as the divergents, were imprisoned, expelled or worse.

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  • In the latest collection from award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, sex toys bring couples, singles, and strangers to new heights of pleasure. The stories range from two couples who happen to share the same remote controlled device to some very hot rocks, a perfectly icy bed, a Superman dildo, and a day in the life of a very lucky vibrator.

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  • A new edition of Alice Childress’s classic novel about African American domestic workers, featuring a foreword by Roxane GayFirst published in Paul Robeson’s newspaper, Freedom, and composed of a series of conversations between Mildred, a black domestic, and her friend Marge, Like One of the Family is a wry, incisive portrait of working women in Harlem in...

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