Woody Dildos by Schreinergunst


Woody is one smooth operator...

Great for fans of firmer materials, wooden toys are much lighter than steel or stone, but still make a significant impression.

Woody Large is great for folx who want more! Whether you like a longer glide or more grip, this substantial dildo will deliver. Total length: 24,5 cm, Diameter: 3,3-4,6 cm

Woody Medium is great for folx who want a mid-length toy with smooth lines and a more rounded head. Total length: 18,5 cm , Diameter: 3-3,8 cm

Woody Small is great for folx who want to avoid going too deep with their dildo, or who want a slow and subtle sensation without any extra bulk getting in the way. Total length: 12,3 cm , Diameter: 2,5-3,7 cm

Local, biodegradeable, and oh so pleasing in a variety of ways, Schreinergunst‘s dildos are probably the most eco-friendly sex toys you‘ll find in this neck of the woods.

Lovingly crafted from regional fruit trees by a Brandenburg carpenter, they are safely coated with a certified non-toxic vegan varnish (i.e. non-porous), as well as being compatible with all types of lube, and very easy to clean.

Lending itself beautifully to being carved into sensual curves and ridges, wood is warmer, lighter and smoother than other materials. Due to the nature of the material, each piece is also entirely unique.

And before you ask – yes, we assure you they are splinter free!

Not safe to use anally.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the colour pictured here may vary slightly from the actual item due to the lighting during photo shooting or your monitor's display.


MATERIAL varnished wood

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warm water & soap